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Most frequently asked Tosca Interview Questions

What is Tosca Automation Tool ?

Tosca is one of the popular Automation tools offered by Tricentis. The major advantage of Tosca is that it provides both performance and queality ricentis Tosca has gained a lot of attention because it offers a good balance between performance and quality. It is a Continuous Testing platform that accelerates testing to keep pace with Agile and DevOps. TOSCA is an automation tool for functional and regression testing of various software products. It also includes GUI, CLI (command line interface), integrated test management, and API.

What are the advantages of Tosca?

  • Multiple Features in One Tool
  • No Scripting Required
  • Scalable
  • Deliver fast feedback for Agile and DevOps
  • Reduce regression testing time to minutes
  • Maximize reuse and maintainability
  • Gain clear insight into business risk
  • Integrate and extend existing test assets

Comparison between Tosca and Selenium?

Tosca Selenium
Licensed Tool Open Source Tool
Need Coding No Coding needed
As it is open source, no dedicated support Good dedicated support
No defined framework Framework is defined

How to Launch multiple browsers in TOSCA?

We cannot trigger multiple browsers in TOSCA, however we can use cross browser execution. For cross browser execution:
  • Create a Test Configuration Parameter "Browser" either at TestCase or at its parent levels.
  • We can choose value InternetExplorer, Firefox, or Chrome.
  • The execution will be triggered on respective browser.

Which are the different types of Errors in Tosca?

In the handling of errors and exceptions, Tosca differentiates between three types of errors:
  • Verification-Failure: verification does not provide the expected results (e.g. an invoice total differs from the TestCase definition).
  • Dialog-Failure: the application wants to steer a control which does either not exist or is not in an operational state. Application errors like crashes or jams (i.e. if the application is not responding) also belong to this category.
  • User Abort: Abort of the test execution by the user

Tosca Reporting allows reports to be created for which object types?

Tosca Reporting allows reports to be created for the following object types -
  • Modules
  • TestCases
  • ExecutionLists
  • ExecutionLogs
  • Requirements (Requirements Management AddIn)
  • Requirement sets (Requirements Management AddIn)