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Top Chef and Puppet Interview Questions

  1. What is Chef and Puppet?
  2. What is Puppet?
  3. What is store configs?
  4. How can you use store configs?
  5. What is Puppet Catalog?
  6. What are the tools used for configurations management?
  7. What is Facter?
  8. What is Node in Puppet?
  9. What are functions in Puppet?
  10. What is the codedir in Puppet?

What is Chef and Puppet?

Chef and Puppets are both a part of DevOps movement which is popular enterprise grade configuration automation tools, Chef's mission is help in IT operators for achieving from enabling continuous security and compliance for automating application delivery.It focuses in helping organizations for becoming fast and efficient and also it stays in the competiton by automating delivering and management of the entire IT stack.

What is Puppet?

Puppet is a configuration tool for deployment, and management of the servers.It is an enterprise as a DevOps software platform tailored in automating infrastructure automation, automated provisioning, task management, code management, visualization and reporting.
Puppet also helps in providing features for orchestration and also discovery and insights.

What is store configs?

Storeconfigs is an option which helps in storing the hub's genuine design to a database.It also helps by contrasting the aftereffect of the aggregation againsta the database, asset per asset, parameter per parameter, etc.

How can you use store configs?

The storeconfigs acts like exported assets, they are prefixed by @@.These assets are checked by extraordinarily that are gathered on a few different hubs.
There are some example for using the case:
Share/disseminate open keys (ssh or OpenSSL or different sorts)
Build rundown of hosts running a few administrations (for checking)
Build arrangement documents that require numerous hosts

What is Puppet Catalog?

Puppet uses document which is known as Catalog, that helps i downloading from a Puppet Master.The catalog helps in describing the desired state for each resource which will be managed, and will specify dependency information for resources that should be managed in an order.
Puppets helps in compiling a catalog by uisng the following points:
Agent-provided data
External data
Puppet manifests

What are the tools used for configurations management?

There are 3 types of tools used for configuration management:


What is Facter?

Facter is a profiling library that is used in gathering system information during a Puppet run.It offers our information regarding the IP address, version of kernel, CPU and others.

What is Node in Puppet?

Node is a block of puppet code which will be included in matching node's catalogs, also allows us for assigning a specific configurations to specific nodes.

What are functions in Puppet?

Functions takes one or more parameters which returns a calculated value from its final expressions.

function <MODULE NAME>::<NAME>(<PARAMETER LIST>) >> <RETURN TYPE> {  ... body of function ...  final expression, which will be the returned value of the function}

What is the codedir in Puppet?

Codedir is the main directory ideal fro puppet data and code, it contains environments which holds manifests and modules and is used by the primary Puppet server and Puppet apply but not Puppet agent.Codedir helps in containing environments, global modules directory for all environments and our Hiera data and configuration.