Top Kinesis Interview Questions (2021) | CodeUsingJava

Most frequently asked Kinesis Interview Questions

  1. What is AWS Kinesis?
  2. What are the benefits of AWS Kinesis?
  3. What are the capabilities of Amazon Kinesis?
  4. What are the key features of Kinesis?
  5. What are the Core Services of Kinesis?
  6. What is a shard in Kinesis stream?
  7. What is Data Pipeline in Kinesis?
  8. How to Set Up Data Pipeline?
  9. How to Delete a Pipeline?
  10. Name the components of Kinesis?
  11. What is Machine Learning in Kinesis?
  12. What are the advantages Amazon Machine Learning?

What is AWS Kinesis?

Amazon Kinesis is a managed services used for collecting the large streams of data records which runs on AWS EC2 instances.It is used for collecting, processing and analyzing the data, so we can get perfect insights as well as quick respones with respect the information.

What are the benefits of AWS Kinesis?

  • Real Time - It is used for delivering real time data processing in a reliable and flexible manner.
  • Easy to use - It can be easily placed in the kinesis stream with the help of Kinesis Client Library.
  • Elastic - It can easily scale up from Megabytes to Terabytes.
  • Low Cost - It has no upfront cost and the payment can be done only for the resources that can be used.
  • Fully Managed - It is fully managed and can be easily run by all application without any need of infrastructure.
  • Scalable - It is very easy for handling all the amount of streamed data with hundreds of sources with low latency.