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Most frequently Asked Firebase Interview Questions

  1. What is Firebase?
  2. What are the features of Firebase?
  3. What is Firebase architecture?
  4. What is the beneficial factor in Firebase?
  5. What are the restrictions in Firebase?
  6. Which types of events are available in Firebase?
  7. What is firebase and how it works?
  8. What is a Firebase Project?
  9. What permissions are supported by Firebase Console?
  10. What is the difference between firestore and Firebase?
  11. What is recommended part of using the firebase product of firebase analytics?
  12. How is the language in Firebase console determined?
  13. What are the advantages of Firebase analytics while using the products of Firebase?
  14. Which browsers support Firebase Console?
  15. Why cloud storage is unable to use for which reasons?

What is Firebase?

Google Fire is a Google-backed app that develops a platform that allows developers to create apps for ios, Android, and the web. firebase real-time database which is a cloud-based NoSQL database that syncs and stores data in real-time across the user. Firebase is developed by Google and released in 2017, which allow for expressions searches and that scale is with the size of the result set through Android, javascript and SDKs.

What are the features of Firebase?

Robot Framework is different features which are available that are: Tabular Format for test cases: The robot framework is defined as a simple tabular manner using keywords for test cases.
Incredibly Built-In Analytics: This supports unlimited reporting are audience segmentation, Integration, and also with other services.
App Development Made Easy: This provides cloud messaging, authentication,test-lab. remote configuration,dynamic links,crash reporting,real-time database,storage features.
Growth and User Engagement: To make easy links Adwords which supports app indexing, and invites referrals easily, which can provide notifications.

What is Firebase architecture?

It lies between the firebase server and clients in this connect server and firebase interact with its data in the same way with another client. another way the server interacts with clients is by modifying data in firebase.
Integrate firebase is a simple way to develop server code in Node, JS.the API of Node.JS Library is identical to that in our JS SDK. Using a different language or framework, it may use REST API to save and retrieve Firebase data at any environment which supports HTTPS queries.

What is the beneficial factor in Firebase?

The benefit of firebase is enormous which includes its user-friendly nature with its simplicity. to offer multiple useful services for applications. a very decent control dashboard is helpful and its real-time data allows to observe change instantly which occurs in real-time. and complicated configurations which are no more needed in also storage allows us to upload raw files on every cloud and read from there itself.

What are the restrictions in Firebase?

The restrictions in the firebase are its price since its free plan of firebase is limited. this allowed only 1000 MB of storage and provides just 50 connections. and another limitation of firebase is which data is not hosted by you. which is hosted by firebase. to root access and to exact location of storage in your data not under control. with a single write,1000 cloud functions are triggered.

Which types of events are available in Firebase?

There are different types of events available in firebase. there is a child added, the child changed and the child removed.
Child Added: The types that get triggered each time a new player gets added into the data is called "child added".and each type gets triggered ones for each player.
Child changed: the type which gets triggered with changes in the data is called Child change.
Child removed: This type of event gets triggered each time as children get removed.

What is firebase and how it works?

Firebase's real-time database is built rich, collaborative application by allowing secure access to the database directly from client-side code. this data is persisted locally, and even while offline, In real-time events continue to fire, and giving the end-user response experience.

What is a Firebase Project?

Firebase project is a google cloud project that uses firebase services. which means that billing and permissions for a project are shared across consoles. this project appears in the firebase console also appears in the google cloud platform and google APIs consoles.

What permissions are supported by Firebase Console?

The roles used by the firebase console and Gc console (Google Cloud Console)are similar. At an upper level, there are project viewers, project editors, and project owner member is added to the project by the project owner, project owner can also link other services of Google like AdWords and AdMob. A project owner has to complete access to edit the complete access to edit in the project which is also available in projects editors while project viewers have access into project read-only. these permissions differ for a project owner. for project editor and project viewers. these have their different roles.

What is the difference between firestore and Firebase?

This is the more compressive solution against fire store and incorporates multiple services like database, notifications, analytics, ML, etc.
Firestore is a NoSQL database this is part of the firebase app development platforms.

What is recommended part of using firebase product of firebase analytics?

Firebase Analytics is a free to unlimited analytics solution which works with firebase features to make deliver powerful insights. This enables you to view event logs in the firebase crash report, this notification effectiveness in firebase notification, deep-link performance for firebase dynamic links, and this app purchase data from google play. the power of advanced audience target in firebase remote config, and firebase notification, and many more. It acts as a layer of intelligence in the firebase console to firebase analytics. and provide with you more actionable insight about how to develop a high-quality app, grow your base, and earn more money. This is a part of core firebase integrate firebase analytics is fast and easy.

How is the language in Firebase console determined?

The language of the firebase console is determined on basis of the selected language from the google account setting. It is the language opted from language and Input Tools in Account Preferences. firebase is feasible in many languages it includes English, German, French, Korean, Russian, Spanish, and traditional Chinese, and many more. this language is the factor which provides easy to use in different countries and continents around the world.

Which are the advantages of firebase analytics while using firebase products?

An advantage of fiber analytics is that it is si free and provides a limitless analytics solution that functions with features of firebase for more. effectiveness. this helps you to keep the visible track for events in firebase. the audience is targeting the ability to be very profitable and suitable for business growth. this firebase analytics helps to get access to actionable steps to develop applications with high quality. and allow the business to grow the user base and maximum profit to gain by earning money and fast to integrate the firebase analytics. to make it simple.

Which browsers support Firebase Console?

The latest versions of the firebase console are supported by browsers including chrome of google, safari of apple, firefox of Mozilla, and internet explorer of Microsoft, this firebase console is supported by desktop browser its is not currently or not completely supported on mobile browsers.

Why cloud storage is unable to use for which reasons?

It helps easily sharing the data between the GCP project for fire storage. google cloud platform project and firebase. which helps to allow rapidly start going with firebase storage with no more need to put the credit card in. this firebase storage creates a space in the google application engine. It is unable to create the space is known to depend on two causes that will prevent you from using the firebase storage. the first reason could be the project which is transferred from google cloud platform it has to project with different domain prefix. and the second reason is that the project is transferred to a google cloud platform and has a slave to store data storage applications.