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Install JBoss Drools Plugin for Eclipse

In previous tutorial we have implemented Spring Boot + JBoss Drools Hello World Example. If we opened the drl file, it opens in the eclipse text editor and not show any details like the drools keywords highlighted.

Drools download page

Video Tutorial

We will now install the drools plugin for eclipse. The steps are as follows -
  • Go to Jboss Drools download page.
    Drools download page
  • There at the bottom we have Eclipse update site Get the url from click here to go to Drools and jBPM update site.
    Drools download page
  • In eclipse go to Help->Install New Software\
    Drools download page
  • In the Work With: or Site: input field, enter the copied url. In my case the url copied is
    Drools download page
  • Check the Drools and jBPM checkbox and install it. This may take some time installing.
    Drools download page
  • It will show the Jboss Drools installations. Select Next.
    Drools plugin
  • Finally accept the agreement and click finish
    Eclipse Drools plugin
  • Once installation is complete and eclipse restarted. If we now open the drl file, we will be able to see the drools keywords formatted accordingly.
    Eclipse Drools